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Fashion Studies for Teens and Tweens.

Teens and Tweens are like sponges in how fast they  pick up a new skill! They are fascinated by self expression and for many, fashion and adornment are integral to who they are and aspire to become. In Fashion Studies creativity is center piece but  technical skills of clothing contruction and using the sewing machine is equally important!  There is two loaner machines and many fabrics (no cost) in the classroom. Please bring your own machine if possible. We may meet at Joann's to pick out fabrics for bigger projects  in the beginning  of class or camp.
Minimum age is 10. Max number of students is 4. The class is student directed and each student is encouraged to self expression and whether it is traditional or exploratory.
To register and to get questions answered, please contact Pia @ [email protected]. Ph # is 415 328 4598